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Fluval Ultra Bright Day And Night 102 LED Strip Light 25 Watts 36 - 48 Inches

Fluval Ultra Bright Day And Night 102 LED Strip Light 25 Watts 36 - 48 Inches
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With three rows of 7 K LED daylight bulbs, this Fluval Ultra Bright LED Aquarium light produces the same light intensity as a twin tube strip light but uses less energy.

The light is excellent for fish-only marine tanks or freshwater, low-light planted tanks (such as crypts, anubis, and java fern). The 7K LED band provides better colour rendering and a natural shimmering effect.

This LED fixture has a very low profile design–only 3/4" in height and 5" wide. Both ends of the light have extendable ABS leg supports that expand to fit wider tanks. The legs also give off a blue glo when the moon lights are on during the night hours. The legs can also be completely removed so the fixture can be placed directly on a glass canopy for an even lower profile. The light has a single power cord and a single switch that allows either all LEDs ON, only the blue LEDs ON (for simulated moonlight), or OFF.

The LEDs are designed to last 20,000 hours, providing over 5 years of lighting under normal operation.

Key Features

- Day and night LED lighting

- Energy efficient

- Sleek slim design

- Creates spectacular underwater lighting

- 7500K lighting for natural light replication

- 3-setting switch: ON (day), ON (night) and OFF

- Day setting features ultra bright white LED lights that replicate natural daylight

- Night setting has ultra bright blue LED lights that replicate natural moonlight

- Shimmer effect mimics underwater look of natural sunlight and moonlight

- Extendable mounting brackets allow easy installation on a variety of aquarium widths

- 25 Watts

- Size: 36 in - 48 in (91 – 122 cm)

- Lumens: 1950

- Total LED Count: 102 (96 White/6 Blue)

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